Aria Montakhab
Aria Montakhab

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Ariamontakhab Parsian has a remarkable history as a supplier in leather industry, especially in the ostrich crust skin, ostrich leg skin, ostrich vegetable skin, finished leather, feather , eggshell, sheep skin and cow hide leather area.

Ariamontakhab Parsian’s first office, which is also its headquarters, was formed in 2003 in Tehran,Iran. Our team  is very detail-oriented and has many successful stories, related to our past consumers, for our future clients in all mentioned products. Ariamontakhab Parsian works closely with the clients in an effort to understand the needs of our valuable clients and the target audience in leather and this industry, which is spread across the globe including worldwide. Interested buyers and importers care welcome to contact Ariamontakhab Parsian. As a supplier, we will try our best to fulfill your needs.

Aria Montakhab Parsian Co.

Esmaeil Abbasi

َAria Montakhab Second Branch

Adress:Unit 29, 4th Floor, Salam Building, Shahriary three-way ,Near to Tehran Gate, Razmandegan Crossroads, Esfahan ,Iran

Phone :021-88433196
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.