Ostrich Feeding
Ostrich Feeding

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Ostrich feeding

 It is said that more chickens eat as much food as they provide needed energy. Therefore, if food is richer in terms of energy and meals they eat less of it. This may also be true for the chicken, but adults often eat until their stomachs filled Nqdrmy the volume up to 5 kg of food per day.
Feed conversion ratio is the ratio of feed to gain ratio criteria for evaluation of feed conversion Zndh.ayn weight. In the case of small chickens ratio of 1: 5.1 and for growing chicks 1: 05.04 and up to 10: 1 at a later age increases. This suggests that older females are much more, spend less food intake of the body. The economically rational for a small chicken diet too rich to improve the feed conversion ratio in this age Grdd.ama if growth is too fast, it may create some more chicken leg bone problems.
As a general guide to achieve maximum growth of smaller birds should have a diet rich in protein and low in fiber because fiber digestion which the capacity is not yet fully completed, the chickens are larger and can be more energy needs protein Kmtrshdh produce. During the breeding season the protein requirement due to increased egg production.
Practical Nutrition: more taste of power too weak females feed primarily through color, texture and overall appearance of their choice. Most chickens are sensitive to sudden changes in diet. Change one type of food to another type should be done gradually, for example by mixing the new food with the old food for about a week. But prior to that led to shortages of food is the same as the increase to some extent toxic elements are not suitable. This is leading to loss of appetite and growth. The newly hatched chicks should remember eating Dad.dr nature does this by imitating their parents do Dhnd.kys·h yolk energy to approximately 5 days of life, and this time they have the opportunity they provide so eating a diet should Starter Byamvznd.jvjh young starter with high protein containing all the essential amino acids and vitamins with mineral supplement is Knnd.mkhlvt feeding a small amount of chopped fresh grass or other plants Green drew attention to the food and feed it to pass through the digestive tract helps
(Grit) Pebbles:
Should be provided in the form of shells or pebbles are chickens. Grass growing chickens should be chopped, chopped hay or other forage as they can be fed on pasture that could be Bchrnd. Special food for birds producing mixtures that are richer in protein and calcium.
Diet affects not only production but also on the number of eggs hatching of eggs and chickens also affect survival. Avoid any shortfall in the amount of minerals and vitamins is essential

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