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 Ariamontakhab Parsian co., with 10 years experience, as a manufacturer and supplier of ostrich crust skin and finished leather, has a remarkable history in export , and is expanding its business to the worldwide.

Ariamontakhab Parsian works closely with the clients in an effort to understand the needs of our valuable clients and the target audience in different of its company.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015
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Sunday, 02 August 2015
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Ariamontakhab Parsian Company in order to expand its export to the worldwide has provided different facilities and services such as sending samples by not considering the distance. this is absolutely the competitive advantage of this company and increases the trust between buyers and supplier. our main aim is to  do our best to make sure the buyer about the quality of our products.
Iran has the good geographical location due to the placing in the center of the world. the existence of different ports in Iran, made the commercial transactions and trades easier with all countries in near and far. we do our best by considering and choosing the best and safest way of shipping with minimum cost for our clients. Air cargo, freight, sea shipping ... would be done in short time


we do the most and safe packaging for all products. packaging the goods depends on the amount of the demand and could be changed. Pallet for huge orders, plastic roll for medium and box. This is done by protecting and conserving the product. these packages absolutely enhance the safety of goods even in far distances. our company has a serious consideration on package process for all its products. 
Our goals
we are honored to announce that Ariamontakhab Parsian Co., has a remarkable history in leather industry between the different competitors inside the country despite the very close competition.
the professional team working in different branches of this company in Iran, provided the good range of trustworthy and long term business relations with buyers and also presenting the acceptable customer services.


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َAria Montakhab Second Branch

Adress:Unit 29, 4th Floor, Salam Building, Shahriary three-way ,Near to Tehran Gate, Razmandegan Crossroads, Esfahan ,Iran

Phone :021-88433196
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://ostrichskin.org/